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Entry #3

finish the story

2010-02-12 02:11:38 by JellyBellys

Linda meets up with her friends at the local pub. She arrives and see a blood trail leading into a dark ally...

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2010-02-12 07:15:06

As she peers beyond the darkness that engulfs the trail, she hears a voice from behind.
"Brandy. Nothing to be concerned about."
Linda turns around to see from whom the bellowing voice originated from. A tall man with a mess of blackened hair and scruffy goatee. He had looked as if he had just jumped out of bed that evening.
"Looking for someone?"
"I was just on my way." Linda replied as she walked toward the pub's entrance, only to be stopped by the man's slender arm. His dark trench coat smelled like gunpowder, Linda noted. The man stood silently for what seemed like hours to Linda, only making the encounter all the more awkward. Finally, he spoke:
"Shouldn't you rather be heading home? A pub is no place for a little girl."
"I am of age, thank you. Are you a police officer?"
Before she could get her last word out, a growl echoed from the ally way.
"If I was, I'd already be dead." The mysterious man responded, drawing his six-shooter.
"Go home, before I have to shoot you as well." He popped open the chambers of his weapon to see a single silver bullet left.
"It would be best for both of us at this point."
Scratch, scratch. Linda thought she was hearing the nails of a dog scraping the ground, coming closer and closer. How wrong she was once noticing a mangy beast creeping towards the two of them. A werewolf, gripping a human head in one hand by the hair. Before she could react, the monster was already howling and leaping in for the kill.
"Down." The man commanded nonchalantly, pressing the barrel to the animal's forehead at point-blank range. Without a second thought, he fired. The beast fell to the ground instantly like a rag doll. Without admiring his work, the odd man left down the street.
"Where are you going?" Linda cried out in panic, tears in her eyes.
"I'm going to need more bullets."


2010-02-12 12:15:02

linda followed