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What kind of FLASH game should i make

2009-04-15 22:52:31 by JellyBellys

i want to make a flash game but have no idea any help please!


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2009-04-15 22:53:28

Make a good one.

JellyBellys responds:

oh well i guess ill try to make a good one ... but i dont no what to do still


2009-04-15 23:33:57

Well have you decided what type of game your gonna make ? like action RPG and so on :] well if you ever do make it tell me n_n


2009-04-16 00:36:38

I would like a game with good graphics that isn't based off of an anime, have anime music, have any anime styled art, not have it be a dating sim with your favorite characters, or it having anything having to do with anime. Oh, and no dress-up crap either. I just want originality. Please.


2009-04-16 00:54:43

ask google